Initial Consultation (Routine Chriopody)

We take In-depth history of your condition, detailed medical history with all medication, allergies and operation history. We may ask detailed questions on the area of concern or problem area and go into detail of how it started, when it first occurred and pain level.

In most cases we would provide treatment on the first initial consultation/ appointment.

Routine Chiropody Treatment

This involves making sure your medical history is up to date. The treatment then involves nail cutting, reducing thickness, filing, clearing nail sides (sulci), callus reduction on all areas of your feet, corn enucleation (removing), sanding (smoothing) feet and to finish a urea based cream is applied.


Verruca Treatment

  • Reduction of verruca
  • Application of acid treatment
  • Application of strong acids (salicylic acid and monochloroacetic acid)
  • Cryotherapy (freezing verruca)
  • Verruca Surgery (Specialist Treatment)

We also offer specialised/surgical verruca treatment. Read More

Biomechanical Assessment

  • In-depth history of condition
  • Open chain (on chair assessment of joint movement, muscle power, range of motion (ROM), Limb length etc.)
  • Closed chain (weight bearing standing assessment, observing shoulder, hip and leg alignment, discrepancies, linking foot, knee, hip, back and shoulder compensations and malalignments with potential pain areas or patients condition.
  • Gait assessment (walking assessment, motion and limitation of movements analysed)

If something goes wrong with the foot’s structure or function, the compensatory effects during gait can reflect in symptomatology and pathology in the whole of the lower limb and back. You can rely on our Podiatrists and rehabilitation specialists to provide a thorough diagnosis and treatment for all types of foot and limb ailments.

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